Every woman knows that the perfect handbag is well worth investing in. Handbags have gone from an utilitarian detail to a statement object in every woman’s closet.

Celebrities all around have embraced the satchel as a staple. Just check out young starlets like Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning, Zooey Deschanel and pop sensation Robyn! From classic to neon, they love it! Even Lena Dunham couldn’t resist sporting one for her character Hannah Horvath on Girls!I t’s become a popular must have and with good reason! The gorgeous leather satchel is luxurious and chic, and still highly functional for the girl on the go, so there’s still a bit of tradition hanging in there!

 The roomy shape holds all of life’s countless essentials, while the versatile top handles and shoulder strap make this bag the perfect bag for travelling. Just swing it over your shoulder and off you go to live your jet-set lifestyle, just like your favorite celeb! The timeless shape and varied color range will guarantee that this bag will never go out of style.

This summer, don’t be caught dead without your leather satchel! Jet set like your favorite celebrity! Which is your favorite? How do you prefer to wear your satchel?