We admit that if we at Satchel Co. weren’t infatuated with our satchels already, we would have been just as confused or undecisive as you may be right now. We’d want them all! But maybe you’re in the hunt for the perfect satchel in a budget or maybe you’re just trying to control your splurging. Or heck, maybe you are into splurging! Well, let’s just clear up that getting yourself a Leather Satchel is not as much a splurge, but more of an investment since this bag will last you a lifetime if you treat it with the TLC it deserves. So, we thought we might prepare this little list of tips and pointers when it comes to buying your first satchel and making it count.


First of all, how and where are you planning to wear and use your satchel? If you plan on using your satchel as simply a go-to bag for any outfit or if you want to use your bag for school or work, then it might be easier to pick than you thought. The 11” satchels are perfect for going out on the town, grabbing a cup of coffee, or strolling through the mall. What’s cool about the smaller satchels is that they can be transformed into cute clutches! Simply tuck inside the straps and you’re good to go with plenty of space remaining for all your essentials!


If you plan to use your satchel for school or work then anything ranging in size from the 12.5” to the 14” satchels are perfect. In fact, the larger satchels have a deeper gusset which is great for packing in it all your books, iPad, phone, laptop, and the kitchen sink! What’s even cooler are the 15” backpack satchels that have the versatility to become a regular messenger satchel or just swing it on your back and you’re on your way! Initially, the satchel was the predecesor to the backpack, so you know for a fact that this bag will get the job done. Speaking of jobs, wouldn’t the briefcase satchel create such an impact on a job interview! Top notch professional coming through!


Another important point to make a decision is color. This is probably one of the hardest decisions when it comes to satchel purchasing because there are so many different colors to choose from! From neons to pastels, to classic colors to color combinations… which one do you pick?! Well, once again it depends on what you’ll be using your satchel for and how a color defines your personality and style. If you’re looking to make a statement our limited edition satchels come in a variety of color combinations that are as unique as you are. Maybe you’re looking for something a little bold? Nothing a neon sathcel can’t handle! Perhaps you’re into classic elegance and prefer a bag that will go with practically any outfit. Satchels in classic colors can be the perfect accessory to go from day to evening, from school to the party. A patent leather satchel is quite a smart choice as well being as this finish is highly resistant to any staining, nicks and bumps.


And lastly, pricing. Honestly, you can’t get a better quality satchel for this price (and we stand 500% by our word). The satchels we provide you with at Satchel Co. are 100% artisan handmade with the finest quality materials backed up by a 5 year warranty so you’re paying for a long lasting product. When you invest your hard earned money, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth so we can guarantee that you will. Smaller satchels range in the lower prices compared to larger satchels and any extraordinary constructiond details like color combinations, deeper gussets, handles and backpack straps will raise the price a bit more but nothing too crazy so think about that when you make your decision.


We hope these tips and tricks help you decide what satchel fits you the best. It’s not an easy decision but being as you’re already considering a satchel, you’re quite the smart cookie so it shouldn’t be so bad for you, eh? We take it you know what you’re doing very well! Good luck!