Rollin' in the Deep

Rolling in the deep!
We have got major news and we are quite excited to share with you all. We are introducing a range of wider gusset Leather Satchels! Regular satchels rock a gusset of 3” while the deep gusset has a lot more space at 4.72”, which is a generous depth for a wide range of uses. The smaller 11” satchels are perfectly used as clutches, the 12.5” are great as an everyday bag and starting from 14” up, satchels are the perfect school bag, They even come personalized for school with interchangeable straps and back straps to work as a backpack instead of a messenger style bag.
Being as the satchels are the classic school bag regardless of your personal choice, it is great for a comfortable amount of books and schoolwork. Still, many students find they have to carry a large amount of school supplies like their laptop, notes and such. That is why it is so that great we have the option of an extra gusset satchel. It means extra space for all your extra things and more! The difference is significant!
Made with the same quality and unique craftsmanship that makes our satchels special, we guarantee the deep gusset satchels will become more than your every day favorite, but it will become your every day favorite for a lifetime. The Leather Satchel Co. bags are backed up by a 5-year warranty that no other satchel company can offer. Our top quality leather bags are perfectly crafted to meet your needs. It’s all part of the evolution of the satchel and if a deeper gusset takes care of your needs, then that is what we will be offering you. That alone is what sets these bags apart from the crowd! There’s nothing more special than having your own, special handbag is there? At least we think so!
As you may already know, we have a wide selection of colors, finishes and color combinations to go with any style and taste. We are also introducing our Metallics collection including Gold, Silver, Cockatoo Blue, Metallic Copper and the highly coveted Limited Edition Platinum. Our deeper gusset satchels come with a briefcase handle as well for extra sturdiness and strength. We are also offering bespoke orders on deeper gusset satchel choices. Choose from any one of our combinations or our variety of specification choices like embossing, handles, backpack straps, and/or strap padding and choose to add a wider gusset according to your needs. Simply e-mail us and we will put in a special order to create your very own custom Leather Satchel.
So, come celebrate with us the introduction of our newest member of the satchel family! Grab all the books and your laptop and school supplies that you want and stuff them in your new deeper gusset satchel! What style of satchel will you prefer for yourself? Metallic, 11”, 12.5” or one of our very exclusive color combinations? We still can’t decide! We want them all! Ah, here is to wishing we were back in grade school all over again with the coolest bag in the hallways!